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New Principal - Kent Kast




UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who came out last week to meet our new principal, Kent Kast! We had about 70-80 people come through. If you weren't able to come out, don't worry! There will be another opportunity to meet Kent this summer. Standifer Gap Church & School will be planning a potluck Sabbath in July. Stay tuned for the date to be announced!



Please join us for an informal Meet & Greet with our new principal!

When: Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Where: Standifer Gap SDA Church Outdoor Family Center Pavilion

Time: 6pm-8pm


We invite you to a meet and greet with the new principal of Standifer Gap SDA School - Kent Kast. Please feel free to come and go during this time.

Here is some information that Kent sent us about himself so that we could share with you.


I grew up in rural Western Colorado and spent most of my time outdoors.  My family and I did a lot of skiing in the winter time and in the summer, we spent weekends camping, fishing, jeeping, and motor biking.  Just anything that is outdoors.  I went to Walla Walla College and then taught four years at Upper Columbia Academy.  After that I spent a few years bouncing around to different jobs as I tried to figure out exactly what God wanted me to do.  That's when He introduced me to teaching elementary and eventually administration.  


Today I still enjoy the outdoors and I am also looking forward to the caving in TN.  I spent 4 years in my wandering time in TN and got introduced to the outdoors underground.  Mountain biking, trail running, hiking, camping, and kayaking are some of the activities my wife and I are looking forward to when we get there.  


I have a degree in mathematics but also enjoy studying and teaching the sciences.  I have a strong passion for geology and for showing people the connections between the Bible and science.  It is easy to see how God’s natural world supports His written word.  


Besides a degree in mathematics, I also have a degree in German. My dad is from Germany so I went back to learn the culture and pick up the language.  Traveling is another part of learning that I enjoy.  Learning about different cultures helps us understand each other and ourselves.  


Here are some photos of me with my family.  My wife and I have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. We enjoy exploring with them.


My tastes for food have changed a lot over the years.  I found I enjoy Mexican, Italian, Indian, Greek, Chinese, besides the usual American fare.  Because of my lactose intolerance it sometimes makes it hard to try new foods but a lot of the Asian foods are dairy free so that helps.  





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