Standifer Gap SDA School

Large enough for excellence. Small enough to care.

Ways to Volunteer

Volunteers make a big impact. Usually, people volunteer with the basic purpose of helping those in need. But did you know that volunteering is good for your health too? Many studies have been done to measure the benefits of volunteering. And what they've found is that people who volunteer (give of themselves) live longer, have less disability, less dementia, and stay out of nursing homes longer than those who don’t volunteer. Volunteers typically report a feeling of positivity (termed "helper’s high"). They often have increased trust in others and better social interaction. Not only all that, but volunteering has been shown to lower stress and boost self-confidence (

Standifer Gap couldn't run smoothly without our volunteers! Here are some ways we would love your help:

  • Hot lunch program
  • Home & School fundraising events
  • Maintenance around the school
  • Playground debris clean-up
  • Social media marketing (Facebook and Instagram)