Standifer Gap SDA School

Large enough for excellence. Small enough to care.


Parental Involvement

Students’ experience at school is more positive when parents are involved in their education. Each family is encouraged to volunteer a minimum of 18 hours each year. There are many ways to volunteer. Parents should talk to a teacher or the office manager for volunteer information.


Home and School Association

All parents are encouraged to support and be active in our Home and School Association. Activities are held on a regular basis and will be announced well in advance. Home and School sponsors activities and fundraisers that support the school.


Volunteer Screening 

In order to provide the safest environment for students, everyone volunteering at our school or on field trips are required to complete the Adventist Verification online training and background screening through Sterling Volunteers before going on field trips or volunteering in the school. You can do this at Information about how to complete the screening, step by step, can be found HERE or you can pick up a copy from the school office. When completed, please give the school a copy of the certificate


Children of Volunteers

Children not enrolled in SGS accompanying volunteers should remain under the direct supervision of the volunteer unless specific arrangements are made with a teacher about joining a school activity.


Tell Us What You Think

We'd love to hear your feedback about the school! What do you love about Standifer Gap School?  How has your student grown? How has the school impacted your family? How can we improve? What changes would you like to see? Open and honest communication makes our school better, so we'd love to hear what you have to say!

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Submit Pictures

Have you taken pictures of your student that you wouldn't mind to share with the school? Pictures like... back to school/first day, spirit days (crazy hair, hats, pajamas), class pictures, distance learning? We would love for you to submit share worthy pictures that could possibly be put into the yearbook, on our website or posted on social media. Submit your pictures below!

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