Standifer Gap SDA School

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School Uniforms






Students of Standifer Gap School are expected to come to school neatly groomed and dressed in the Standifer Gap School uniform. This dress code applies to all school functions, class programs, and field trips unless notified differently by the teacher.

Uniforms are to be purchased through ABC Apparel. Pants and shorts may be purchased from stores other than ABC Apparel, but they must follow the guidelines below.


All tops must feature the Standifer Gap School logo. Shirt options include:

  • Short or long sleeved polos, sweaters, V-neck vests, cardigans, oxfords, and turtlenecks.

  • Colors are navy, red, green, white, yellow, or black



Bottom options for boys and girls include:

  • Pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpers and skorts.
  • Modest shorts should be worn under skirts, dresses, and jumpers.
  • Short, dresses, skirts, jumpers and shorts must be uniform shorts and worn within 2 inches of the knee when standing.
  • Colors include khaki and navy.

Layering of tops, socks, tights and leggings should be solid school uniform colors.


Shoes should be closed-toed. Tennis shoes are required for P.E. classes.


  • Outside non-logoed jackets are only permitted on the playground.
  • Jackets, cardigans, vests, and hoodies must have the school logo to be worn indoors.



  • Hats and hoods are to be worn only on the playground.
  • Hair should be neat, clean, not cover the face, and not draw undue attention.
  • Jewelry of any type including friendship bracelets are not appropriate.
  • Make-up and fingernail polish should not draw undue attention.


Jeans & T-Shirt Days 

On Fridays, students are allowed to wear jeans and a Standifer Gap School t-shirt. School t-shirts will be sold at the beginning of the school year. Jeans should have no rips or holes.


Used Uniforms

The school has a limited supply of used uniforms available to look through. Most items are *free* but we do ask for a donation to our worthy student fund in exchange for the free used uniforms.



The plaid we have historically used is no longer carried at the uniform store. Because of this, as of January 2023, we have switched to a new plaid. The new plaid will transition seamlessly with students who wish to attend Collegedale Academy for high school, as it is the same plaid as theirs. Students who transfer from Collegedale Academy Elementary to Standifer Gap also will not need to switch their plaid items. Students may continue to wear our old plaid (i.e. they are not required to switch to the new plaid).


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