Standifer Gap SDA School

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Health & Wellness Guide

Please read the following carefully as it is the guide we will follow to keep our students and

staff healthy and in school. While it is our goal to have every student in class every day, illness
does happen, and students may need to stay home for a time.

If your child has any of the following symptoms, please keep them home at least 24 hours past
the resolution of these symptoms:

  • Fever greater than 100.0 F or 37.8 C without medication
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Eye that appears bacterial, yellow crusting, oozing
  • Coughing/sneezing/runny nose that affects the child’s ability to focus in class
  • Severe sore throat and/or discoloration in the throat



Make sure the student who is on antibiotics for bacterial infections has at least 24 hours on the
antibiotic before returning. The above symptoms will also prompt a call from the school should
they arise during the day.


Please do not artificially lower the fever with medication just to send them to school.

They need to be fever free without medication for 24 hours.


Medications, including over the counter preparations, will not be given at school.


In order to keep our students healthy, here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Make sure your student is getting appropriate sleep
  • Encourage them to drink plenty of water
  • Reduce the amount of sweets and refined foods they consume, especially if they are feeling sick


Above all, keep looking to the ultimate Healer for guidance and healing. Please feel free to call
the school with any questions or clarifications.