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Music Class / Piano Lessons

Music is an integral part of a student's education. According to the National Association for Music Education, musical training helps develop language and reasoning skills, builds imagination and intellectual curiosity, and can help with emotional development and creative thinking. Higher academic achievement has been linked to music. Studies have found better reading and math skills among children who take music lessons. Not only that, but music may help concentration, behavior and attitude!

Standifer Gap offers music education to all students. "Mrs. Notes" is our music education teacher. Additional elective music choices include choir, bells, guitar and ukulele.





Piano Lessons at Standifer Gap

Standifer Gap also offers individual piano lessons by Lori George. Lessons are taught during the school day and cost $25 per 30 minute lesson (discounts available for siblings). Lori George has taught piano lessons for many years. She has a B.A. Music degree from Southern and as a former elementary classroom music teacher and preschool teacher she has extensive experience in working with children.


Piano Adventure method books are combined with supplemental music that is tailored to the interests of the student. Music theory is learned through fun music games. Further details can be found at Lori's website:

Contact Lori George at (423) 400-9888 or email [email protected]